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This was a note to my instructor.
You can read it if you want, or skip forward to much more interesting reading.

   Thank you, Dr. Jon Pedicino, for allowing me to present my paper in a rather non-standard format (on the internet instead of on a piece of paper).  Presenting my case in this way allows me to do lots of things that I couldn't do on a sheet of paper.  First, I can and will add color photos (I'm out of colored ink at home), animations, movies, and most importantly, links, to the paper--where necessary.  The links are great because you can simply click on one to find out where I got my information instead of looking it up in a book I've referenced, which, lets face it, most instructors never do.  Second, because you will find links to all kinds of information throughout this paper, you might actually learn something. Third, it allows me to save paper--and we do have a limited amount of resources here on Earth.  And finally, it allows me to share my work with the world.  

     A few explanations of the work that follows are in order:  This paper, or at least portions of it, probably will not adhere to the strict guidelines of writing a scientific paper.  But, as Robert Zubrin points out in chapter 10 of  The Case For Mars, the greatest obstacles to securing humankind's place in space will not be found in the engineering details, or even the difficulties of life in space, but right here "on our present home planet in the guise of politics."  Part of my job is to convince not scientists, but people, that we can--and will--conquer the Universe.  A strictly scientific paper probably would not do that.  And without the backing of the people of Earth, any plan to colonize the galaxy and eventually the universe is doomed to failure. Another reason why portions of this paper will not adhere to a strict scientific format (i.e. properly cited), is that some of the ideas herein are strictly mine--or at least so I believe.  I have not found any references to the benefits of cloning and genetic engineering to space colonization anywhere on the Internet, for instance, and therefore I cannot cite them. However, I believe that writing an original paper from (mostly) original ideas is much better than simply regurgitating someone elses ideas that I read in a book somewhere.  

    This paper contains three major parts.  The first two parts, Islands and Do or Die, were actually written prior to this class as an English assignment.  Nevertheless, they make a perfect introduction to the main part of this paper, part three. Some portions of part two may seem a bit redundant as it is--believe it or not--a rewrite of part one.  But if I hadn't told you, you might not have guessed.  Each portion is, nevertheless, well worth reading.  At the bottom of each page you will find links that say, "Next Page."  Simply click on the links and you will be taken through the whole paper.  If you follow a link to some reference throughout the paper (and how could you help yourself), just click on the "Back" button in your browser to return to my paper.  If you get lost, return to the first page, which you should have bookmarked, and follow the links from there.  Also you may notice that the paper is not double-spaced as requested.  Unfortunately, the only way to double-space with an HTML editor is with a hard return.  This makes it difficult to write, and nigh impossible to go back and edit. Sorry.

     Now you might think that a paper geared towards the colonization of space has very little to do with astronomy, per se, and to some degree you are right.  But why do we look towards the heavens?  It is surely with dreams of going there!  And how much better will we be able to explore the universe by actually going there, rather than by simply looking through the eyepiece of a telescope?  

     And with that thought, I will leave you to read the paper.

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